Personal Care

Axe Body Wash (12oz)
Fresh Body Wash..
Coast Body Wash (18oz)
 Body wash..
Dab-a-Do Hand Cleaner (ea)
 Hand cleaner..
Dial Antibacterial Hand Soap (7.5oz)
 Hand soap, liquid..
Dial Bar Soap (4.5oz)
 Bath soap, bar..
Dial Body Wash (18oz)
 Body wash, liquid..
Dial Hand Sanitizer Pump (7.5oz)
 Hand cleaner, liquid..
Dove Bar Soap  (4.25oz)
 Soap, bar..
Dove Men's Body Wash (13.5oz)
 Body wash, liquid..
Ivory Bar Soap (4.5oz)
 Ivory soap, bar..
Lava Soap (bar)
Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion (3oz)
 Lotion, bottle..
Zest Bar Soap (4oz)
 Soap, bar..
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