Almond Joy (36)
 Candy Bar..
Almond Joy (Fun Size)
 Bag, Candy..
Assorted Chocolate Candy (36ct)
Variety chocolate candy bars..
Assorted Hard Candy (36ct)
 Variety hard candies..
Assorted Mixed Candy (36ct)
 Variety chocolate, hard, sweet & sour candies..
Butterfinger (36)
 Candy bar..
Charm's Blow Pops (10.4oz)
 Blow pops, bag..
Hershey Plain (36)
Hershey w/Almonds (36)
 Hershey candy w/almond, bar..
Kit Kat (36)
M&M Peanut (48)
 Peanut M&M, candy..
M&M Plain (48)
 Plain M&M, candy..
Milky Way (36)
Snickers (48)
Snickers (Fun Size)
Trident Gum (12/18ct)
 Gum, Trident..
Twix (36)
Werther's Original Sugar Free Hard Candies (2.75oz)
Sugar Free caramel hard candy, bag ..
York Sugar Free Peppermint Patties (3oz)
 York peppermint patty, bag..
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